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WordPress Development

Today, WordPress powers 35% of the internet and if you count only the CMS-built sites, then about 60% of them are WordPress.1 Businesses and individuals all over the world trust WordPress, and it has disrupted the way digital marketing is done. This open-source platform allows anyone to create their own kickass online presence via its easy-to-use content management system.

When it comes to your business, there is no better platform to turn to than WordPress. It can be customized to the most granular level and can accommodate even your eCommerce requirements. For over a decade, jetani brothers has been providing custom WordPress development. When you come to us, we take care of everything—from creating a totally responsive, user-friendly interface to deploying your custom online store. Our websites look great on every screen and none of our clients have returned dissatisfied.

Engaging websites that you can update yourself

Your website is the online representation of Your business. It should establish credibility at first glance, through engaging copy and enticing imagery to make You stand out from competitors.

We'll help You make your site come alive with our team of designers who are experts in developing websites that get results.

When designing a website, we consider not just the design but also what it does for business owners and customers alike. We create custom designs to support any goal or objective you may have as well as engage your potential audience.

Website copy that talks about your customer’s pain points

Along with the website, you also need website content or copy. The copy should be engaging. If you do not have time to provide the copy, our content writer can provide compelling and original content. The content will resonate well with readers by giving tips or advice related specifically to their problems/concerns.

Talk about your customer's pain points, show them how to resolve them by using your service/product and you are certainly going to convert them into paying customers.

WordPress Content Management System websites
A Content Management System (CMS) is one of the most important features of your website. WordPress is an easy-to-use CMS that allows you to edit your website easily.
It saves time and money, offers a variety of options to design what you want on your site, has easy maintenance capabilities in place so that you can make updates at any time needed without having to hire someone else or know how it works yourself! The CMS gives content management an easier way with articles and blog posts available through this system as well. We can create personal/business/service websites on WordPress. They can be custom-designed or based upon a template.
WooCommerce websites
Do you have Products that need to be sold? Want a platform for your products but don't know how or where to start? Let us help!
We've been building E-commerce websites/stores for years and can offer assistance through platforms such as WooCommerce. At Jetani Brothers, we make the process easy with multiple options to choose from. A WooCommerce website integrates with WordPress and provides you with a cost-effective solution to create an online store. WooCommerce integrates with various CRM systems and payment gateways, is scalable and can be further enhanced by using amazing e-commerce plugins.
WordPress Plugin Development
Plugins help improve the functionality of your website. We can create new or customize existing plugins to help make your end-user’s journey smoother.
For example, you may need a special booking form OR a calendar function that has multiple features. Usually, you can find a lot of pre-built plugins online but not all of them can satisfy your requirements.
We are a team of skilled WooCommerce plugin developers in India with a proven track record for delivering effective and custom solutions to clients. Whether you need an enhancement or something entirely new, we can build plugins that will work seamlessly on your site.
Hire a dedicated WordPress developer
There is a new trend in the market where companies provide dedicated developers to clients on a contract basis or onsite services bais. Each customer gets the opportunity to talk to one of our experienced developers in order to find out what their needs are before signing anything or paying any money!
Your work will be completed in a timely manner so you can focus on other things. You'll be kept updated during the entire process, and we're always happy to answer any questions that may come up along the way! Hire our WordPress developer to make life easier for you
Multilingual Website Development
Looking for a WordPress developer to build your website in more than one language? We have experienced Multilingual website developers that can do it for you. It can be more than one language.
The WPML for WordPress is the #1 internationalization tool. It supports 18 languages and can be configured to manage up to 111 language combinations, translating everything on your website. If you are running an e-Commerce site this could easily be worth its weight in gold because more potential customers are able to use your website based on their native tongue.
Online Community & Forum Development
A simple way to get people on your site is by building an online community. There are many ways you can do this, but here's one of the most common: create a forum where users can post their comments and questions about topics that interest them (e.g., cooking). Some other things you could include in your forum would be polls or contests for members only; these will help generate buzz around the site as well as keep it fresh with new content!
Online Community sites and forums also provide insight into what concerns consumers have regarding products and services, enhance customer satisfaction through increased communication between company representatives and customers/users from all over the world.
Custom Theme Development
We are the leading custom theme developers who have been doing it for years. We offer experience and expertise to create a customized website or a WordPress theme that meets your ideas, needs, or budget for any project size.
The design provided by you will be brought to life by our developers by using the best coding practices.
We can take on anything from simple websites with just text content all the way up to complex sites involving e-commerce functionality! Let us know what you need so we can get started building it out as soon as possible!
Site speed and performance
Site speed and performance are important to your site's success. Your website will be slow because of these:
The number of HTTP requests is too much You have not minified CSS/JavaScript files with Gzip compression, etc. so that they can load faster! Your creatives (pictures and icons and font files) are not optimized The cache is not enabled or you are not using CDN services
We take care of all these plus many other technicalities so that your website speed confirms to the Google standards. Our trained developers will also guide you about the various hosting service providers and which one will work best for you.
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