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8 big reasons why online reviews matter for your business

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Why online reviews matter for your business
Wiki John October 19, 2021 0 Comments

Why online reviews matter for your business?

“Happy customers are your biggest advocates and can become your most successful sales team.” Lisa Masiello

Customer reviews are opinions and feedback left by customers about a product or a service after using it. Businesses use customer reviews to learn about their strengths and weaknesses and how to improve their product. The feedback left by customers will be posted publicly and will stay on the site forever.

If you’re a business owner and wish to improve customer satisfaction, then add a section for customer reviews or add one to an existing website. It is an important way to build trust with your site visitors. It’s important to respond to positive and negative feedback so your business can improve and win more customers.

In the brick mortar stores, the feedback/review can be in person, written on a customer service book or may be sent to a store owner using email/message. But as more and more stores are jumping online the importance of online reviews is getting traction. That is why online reviews matter for your business in these times.

What are online reviews?

“An online customer review is a review of a product or service made by a customer who has purchased and used or had experience with, the product or service. Customer reviews are a form of customer feedback on electronic commerce and online shopping sites.” – Wikipedia

Having a lot of reviews, especially good ones, can boost your online presence and credibility. Having many reviews gives you a higher trust

rating and can help you stand out from the rest. Having a lot of good reviews will also help you out in the long run.

By having a large number of positive reviews, you will attract more shoppers, which means more money for you!

Online reviews & reputation-how they work together?

If you’re not satisfied with your own reputation, then your business will never be as successful as it could be. When you’re trying to build a brand, then you should be thinking about how it’s going to look to other people.

One of the biggest factors in how people perceive you is your online reputation and this is something that you need to be working on and looking after. You should also be aware of how you can use your reputation to your advantage so that you can get other people to help you and bring you more customers.

Online reputation and customer reviews go hand-in-hand. The more positive feedback your business has, the more strong your online brand reputation will grow. That is why do online reviews matter for your business

Importance of customer reviews and why they matter

Reviews are an essential part of the modern shopping experience. With the abundance of options and the constant consumerism that has swept the nation, it’s important to hear what others have to say. People form opinions based upon other people’s reviews.

1. People base their buying decision on what others say about a product or a service:

According to SurveyMonkey, 84% of Internet users read online customer reviews before making a purchasing decision. What’s more important is that 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations from friends and family members. Reviews can have a significant impact on a business.

2. Customers show the value of your product/service:

Consumers are free to express their thoughts online. They are able to share with others their experiences/beliefs. That impacts other consumers’ buying decisions. Oftentimes, consumers will go the extra mile by explaining why they have these beliefs.

3. You gain online visibility & legitimacy:

A higher number of positive customer reviews indicates that your business is legitimate and trustworthy. Your search engine rank will improve if you maintain a high number of positive comments about your brand. When readers post feedback on social media sites about products they like, the outcome of their posts (and content) will be to get others interested in what’s being said – thereby increasing awareness and visibility too. Not only does this help achieve better exposure but it allows the company to use them as testimonials that can build up a stronger case for using your product or service over others.

4. They boost lead generation & conversions:

Every time you make an online purchase, the last thing on your mind is probably writing a review. But, don’t forget to leave one! A study by Spiegel Research Center also found that online reviews increase conversion rates up to 270% – meaning making your customers feel like their opinion matters can go a long way to ensuring that they’ll return to your site for more purchases in the future (and who doesn’t want that!).

5. They grow trust and build a community/tribe:

Online reviews increase the reputation and are a great way to build better credibility as a business. So, they build trust. Customer service is so crucial now as it always has been. There’s a lot more power behind it nowadays since consumers have the opportunity to express themselves and reach out with complaints or compliments anytime
they want. This is a major responsibility for brands – they need to learn how to be open with their audience actively participating in the conversations with them on an ongoing basis. Through the conversation, you build a strong tribe of your followers.

6. They lead to customer engagement:

Reviews allow businesses to meet and exceed the demands of their customers. One method of the building said emotional connections is by knowing how best to talk to specific types of people in a frank and honest manner while at the same time standing behind your product or service. It’s been found that doing so can provide 23% more revenue than a business that doesn’t connect on an emotional level with its customers. Reviews provide an opportunity for businesses and their customers to get to know each other better.

7. Don’t be shy of negative reviews – they too matter:

Do you know that even terrible negative reviews can have a positive effect on your business? The way you react to negative reviews tells a lot about your business ethics. It is your job to satisfy a customer who feels cheated after dealing with you. Never leave negative reviews unattended. Running away from them is counterproductive. Feel sorry for the situation, try to resolve the issue, make the customer happy by offering him a discount on future products/services.

8. They are part of Digital Marketing efforts

Online reviews are just like the decorations that you would hang up around your house for an impending party. However, online reviews are built to accomplish different goals than home decor. But they accomplish these goals in much the same way – by catching people’s attention, which will hopefully lead them towards exploring your business further. So, they form an integral part of Digital Marketing.

How to get customer reviews?

It’s wise to solicit customer feedback as often as possible. Always ask for reviews & your buyers’ honest opinions. To ask for reviews, first, find out

where your customers hang out online. To get customer reviews you can follow these:

  • You can embed review boxes on your website – so customers who’ve purchased products from you can quickly go to the page and share their opinions with others.
  • Another non-intrusive way is to do exit surveys. Send surveys to all your important clients after they’ve made a purchase, or just follow up by emailing them or leaving an open asked posted on your website asking for feedback.
  • Try offering your clients a special discount as a reward, or maybe even something from their wish list as a gift for taking the time to offer you well-considered feedback.
  • Everyone feels special when they get an email from you. Personalized and customizable messages will always put your customers and clients at ease and feel like they matter in your company which will lead to a better review right off the bat. A mass email isn’t helpful because it’s impersonal and is not seen as genuine by many recipients.


We must acknowledge that customer reviews are a sure-shot way of boosting your online credibility and building your hard-core tribe list so you can be able to generate more customers.

By taking the time to publicly discuss what you wish to share with your community online, you can build up your business’s credibility. When people see that there are others who already endorse your brand or organization by choosing to express themselves openly about certain aspects of it through reviews, they will be more likely to come out and do the same. It’s beneficial for both parties because companies can easily gain access to many new customers through reviews whereas customers will appreciate the opinions shared on their behalf by individuals who understand them on some level. You can read more about why customers reviews are so important.


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