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Maintenance & Support

At Goal Systems, the customer service means a permanent support to the client and it also represents one of the main added values of our solutions. For this reason, we offer a variety of maintenance modalities that can always be adapted to the specific needs of each company. Our clients benefit also from the continuous evolution of our products during the after-sales phase of the projects.

Application support and maintenance services are aimed at ensuring that applications are highly available, reliable and stay relevant to current business needs. we are been providing essential and advanced support and maintenance for applications of different purposes and industries.

Maintenance, Suport and Retainer services

Website and app maintenance is one of the most important elements in protecting them from any vulnerabilities and keeping them running smoothly. You may have already invested a lot into making your website or app, but if you are not maintaining it regularly and it crashes due to non-maintenance then all your efforts are rendered useless.
We offer affordable solutions for maintaining all aspects of websites including updating your website core files, plugins, PHP versions etc so that it keeps on running smoothly. Same way, we provide regular maintenance and support services for your app.

Like your car, your website should be serviced regularly.

When you leave your website unattended, anything can happen. It can crash, can be a victim of malware/phishing attack or can be simply hacked because the core files become too old. It makes your site vulnerable to hackers.
Our team of experts is here and ready to help you with all aspects - from rectifying small problems like a broken module or hosting issues, to more complicated ones such as malware protection. Whatever issue may arise on your site, we are here to help you.

Software Maintenance
There is a need for upkeeping your software so that it can function as expected. Software maintenance and support services are specifically designed to improve performance or fix bugs in n software or application. We remove useless elements of coding and replace them with new development using the latest tools and technologies.
Our software engineers are some of the best in their field. They're easy to work with and can fix bugs and correct errors so that your system runs smoothly. They will remove any dead code so that the code remains compact.
Application Maintenance
The power of apps is growing exponentially, as a result, they have become harder to maintain. For example, imagine your app crashing while you're on the go and trying to pay for something with it!
If you have a web or a mobile app, our trained staff can maintain it regularly so that your team can utilize their time on some other important things. We will do the regular bug testing, check the complete functionality of your app and suggest periodic changes so that it provides a seamless experience to your customers. Our application maintenance services are available as a project-based service or on an hourly basis. We also offer engagement models such as per hour, pool time periods or retainers agreements to accommodate your needs
Scheduled Maintenance
Scheduled maintenance is any task that has a deadline with a technician assigned to it. If problems with the asset or part are identified, they will have a time scheduled for them to be checked and repaired regularly based upon the schedule. The primary goal of this type of work is increased efficiency in order to reduce reactive maintenance, failure rates, as well as backlogs.
If you will like to hire someone to take the pain of scheduled maintenance we can provide that service. The schedule maintenance can be anything. It can be updating your WordPress website regularly each month, it could be updating your E-commerce store and plugins so that plugins compatibility issues do not bring your website down. Please send a message and we will call you at the earliest.
Software Support
At Jetani Brothers, we offer a range of software support services for all your needs. Our team can help you with everything from quick bug fixes to long-term software maintenance.
Migration has always been a cost-effective way to modernize software systems. Converting your old system into something more current and efficient can be difficult, but with Reengineering, it becomes much easier.
We have the experience to make your life easier by taking care of all aspects of software maintenance and support
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