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  • Project name :Revado Hotels
  • Category :Web design / Web development
  • Complete date :17 March, 2019
  • Skills :php / WordPress

Revado Hotels

Located in the heart of Norwich City, this modern 3 Star Hotel Revado is an ideal stay for guests who want to blend the style of comfort and homely vibes. Revado in Gujarati (an Indian language) means to enchant someone with a pleasant stay. Situated in Eastern side of the city, Lion Wood is just an 8-minute walk away, while those looking further to escape to recline in the centre of the busy city can head towards the Norwich Riverside walk. Or if seeking to stay in, guests can enjoy the homely comfort in spacious rooms and unlimited Wi-Fi. Our hotel is harmonized by on-site Revado's Kitchen and bar, where the guests can enjoy the best English, Indian and Blend of these cuisines & drinks. Whether visiting on business or leisure, we present the best experience of both the worlds as the hotel is professionally managed to take care of the most precious asset: you.